Boilers and accessories, flues, clocks, plume kits etc. 

John Guest Speedfit range of pipe, coil and fittings

Polyplumb range of  pipe, coil and fittings 

Brass & Copper Endfeed  –  Compression – Solder Ring ( Yorkshire )

Plastic Solvent weld  soil pipe & fittings – Black, Grey and White

Plastic Solvent weld  waste pipe & fittings – Black, Grey and White

Basin taps, bath taps, bath shower mixers, monobloc taps, Showers, hoses, heads, riser rails, brackets and accessories 

Silverline tools, spanners, pliers, hexagon keys, tork keys, drill bits, files, saws etc. etc.

Plumbing sundries, leadfree & leaded solder, flux paste, silicones, CT1, jointing compounds, solvent cement, drain cleaner, hand cleaner, Mapp gas, propane,  heating sysrtem additives, inhibitor, noise reduce, system cleaner etc. etc. 

McAlpine traps, universal couplings, elbows, tees, reducers, stand-pipes, multikwik WC couplings etc. etc. flexible connectors, adjustable and solid etc.etc. 

Radiators, TRV’s, valves, rad extensions, repair kits, towel rails, programmers room thermostats, zone valves, circulation pumps etc. Etc.